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There are a variety of methods used for gathering information and providing knowledge about cultural studies.

Early advocates of cultural studies mostly adhered to and believed in the Marxist method. I told myself that I’d be able to catch 200 pages within an hour-long ride to school. Cultural Construction. College classes have taught me how to keep on top of my work. Cultural construction is a term used to describe the theory of cultural studies that argues that a variety of cultural and social traits were/are simple constructs created by the society.

If I don’t, I feel that I’m in an endless sandstorm of unread material. Gender, race, ethnicity, etc. are some of the characteristics that define differences in the construction of cultural distinctions and organizational. When I finally completed the homework assignment for high school my eyes would wander over the words, however my brain was busy planning how to get to the car to the airport for Saturday night. The above examples do show obvious variations, however according to the concept of culture construction, claims that the meanings assigned to them was created by the society to categorize or organize.

Nowadays, I employ several strategies that force me to be able to concentrate fully on my reading. Cultural construction is essential to study since it may reveal the societal views and opinions about group characteristics and how they interact within a larger social system. I also modified my method of taking exams. Hegemony. In addition to learning to handle my day-to-day work I’ve also learned how to deal with studying sessions for major exams. The theory of cultural studies of Hegemony refers to the idea that there always exists a dominant group within any society. My late-night studying sessions during high school were an experiment with self-torture.

The dominant group holds control, regardless of whether it is social, economic and so on. and over other groups who are deemed to be less superior (whether either in the open or under the cover of) according to that dominant party. About 2:00. They may employ different strategies to keep their the position of power and influence over other groups which may include the use of money, propaganda or politics, among others. M. my brain like a sponge that was soaked did not absorb anything.

One example of dominance that is prevalent in the U.S. would be white males, who historically have the most influence and power in relation to other communities. Since then, I’ve spread out examination study sessions over several days. Other Theories. So, the nights before the test can be dedicated to reviewing the entire syllabus instead of just rote memory. The main theory that was used for Birmingham Center theorists Birmingham Center theorists, primarily during the 1960s to the 1980s, was the Marxist method derived from the philosophical works from Karl Marx.

But, most importantly, I’ve shifted my mindset towards exams. Aspects that are part of the Marxist approach helped to create the theories of hegemony as well as cultural construction. When I was in the high school days, I believed that tests were an enigma with completely unpredictability of the questions. In the Marxist theory, those in positions of power , or the ones who controlled techniques of producing were those who controlled culture by violence or oppression, or via the influence of wealth or influence over others that took the crucial decision.

Now, I talk to instructors about the kind of questions they’ll ask on the test and try to "psych out" the subjects or details instructors might ask about. Marx also believed that economic conditions played been a factor in the creation of culture. This method really works and have eliminated a lot of the stress and mystery of tests. Stuart Hall extended Marxist theory by looking at social changes in Britain and specifically, he noted the fact that people began to vote against their preferences during the 70s. Since I’ve changed my approach, taking notes and studying have become less challenging as they were in the past and I’m starting to reap the rewards. He noticed that many people were voting for the conservative side, even though those policies were not beneficial to people of the lower class.

As time goes by my college test papers will appear different from the red-marked exams that I took in high school. Hall noticed this change without using force, therefore he believed the other forces working in the society to cause this change. Outline Introduction: Another theorist, Antonio Gramsci, took the concept further and thought that the trend occurred because those in positions of power (capitalists/production owners, in this case) found other ways to influence people: media messages and infiltration into the workers’ culture. A thesis assertion: I’m a bit of a mess. learning habits in high school were messy However, during college I’ve attempted to improve my note-taking study and test-taking abilities. Gramsci declared it a type of "cultural manipulative," and also a kind of hegemony, which was explained earlier. The first sentence of the topic: I wrote notes in my high classes, but often became bored when compared to my note-taking in college.

Other theories of culture studies are non-Marxist perspectives. Interest Note Writing Connection. Some scholars look at capitalism and consumer culture as positive, and highlight how our lives have been enhanced with the addition of certain features. Topic Sentence 2: Regular study during term is another area where I’ve made adjustments.

They also believe that people aren’t blind consumers like the Marxist method suggests, but rather make conscious choices about what they desire and aren’t easily deceived by advertisements in the media. Subject Sentence of Pace Concentration In Alongside learning to handle daily work I’ve also learned how to deal with studying sessions for tests that are large. There are other theories that relate to the study of culture exist, however, those mentioned above are the most widely known and well-known. Spacing Attitude Conclusion. Methodologies employed to Study Cultural Studies.

The essay was composed by one of my fellow students. There are a variety of methods used for gathering information and providing knowledge about cultural studies. You may use it as an example in writing your own essay or using it as a reference but you must reference the source. The two main types of research that are associated with this field are those of qualitative research as well as hermeneutics . Find expert help and let your time be used to take on more essential training. Qualitative Research. From 3 hours to 3 hours of delivery. Methods of qualitative research are typically used to gather information about specifics, not only numbers, in the culture studies field.

Experts from essays 450+ on 30 topics. The data collected isn’t numerical rather, since it collects details about individuals’ attitudes, beliefs or opinions, experience behaviour, etc. Have you heard that we’ve over 70,000 essay papers covering 3,000 subjects on our website? Researchers who gather information in a way that is qualitative might also employ study of groups through observation. You can cite the page. Qualitative research aids in understanding of the reasons why certain events or ideas are shared among groups and assign the significance of these events.

Discover the way that the human body functions as one unit in order to live. Hermeneutics. Studies in History in Europe. Hermeneutics can also be used in the field of studies in culture, and can be described as a textual interpretive method of research. Below are educational programs for History in Europe.

The concept of meaning is determined through the analysis of literary works from particular people, cultures, or societies in order to better understand their beliefs or interactions within their groups and with others. Find more specific programs by selecting a specific class along with the program’s level and location. Hermeneutics is a qualitative method to study texts of cultural significance.

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